Twin Within began in the Spring of 2009 with Alex Samaras (TRYAL, Bernice), Allie Hughes (Allie X), Thom Gill (THOMAS, Bernice) and Bram Gielen (Bernice) performing Steve McKay’s whimsical folk songs.

After Steve moved to Hamilton in 2011, he started recording the songs workshopped in Toronto under the moniker YERYARD and not quite satisfied with his own vocal performance, enlisted the talents of Alex Samaras.

With the engineering and arranging genius of another Hamilton transplant, Kirk Starkey, the record was finally released under the Twin Within moniker as a duo. Horizontal Lines was released on Hidden Pony Records, with regular play on CBC and University radio stations.

Leaning heavily on the precedent of artsy duos like Simon & Garfunkel, the Steve McKay/Alex Samaras became the only constant in Twin Within, with a series of different backing bands including Hamilton’s psych outfit Dizzy Spells and Kirk Starkey’s chamber trio Vox Metropolis.

In 2016, Twin Within manager and friend Parkside Mike Renaud launched an ambitious made-in-Hamilton video project, bringing together Twin Within, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Kirk Starkey, arranger Christien Ledroit and filmmaker Mitch Fillion from Southern Souls. Filmed on stage in the Great Hall at Hamilton Place with arrangements of Horizontal Lines songs by Ledroit, the resulting project was released as a video and vinyl LP - “Live-off-the-floor with the HPO” on Hidden Pony Records in partnership with Canadian Music Centre label, Centrediscs.

In 2018, after nearly 10 years of performing together off-and-on, Alex Samaras retired his role as Steve McKay’s partner in Twin Within in order to pursue his own works as TRYAL.

Leaving a huge gap in the sound and direction of Twin Within, Steve looked closer to home for a replacement and found Lisa Savard-Quong and Kori Pop.

The new trio of McKay, Savard-Quong and Pop changes the musical palette for TW and the future of this little Hamilton art-rock band continues to be defined. Work has started on a suite of new songs and a follow-up to Horizontal Lines is expected for end of 2019 or early 2020. Meanwhile, the group is performing in Hamilton at every opportunity they have, following the Pink Floyd model of live experimentation.